H2 CFO Brings FinTech to CFO Consulting, Helping Emerging Companies Build, Grow, and Rule
WASHINGTON, DC, March 1st, 2017 – Two of the Washington, DC area’s most prominent CFO consulting entrepreneurs are pleased to announce they have joined forces to launch H2 CFO. The new company, based in Tysons, Va., provides strategic CFO support, custom accounting solutions, financial reporting and business intelligence to many of the region’s emerging and established technology and government contracting companies.

H2 CFO co-founder Michelle Hoffman previously founded Hoffman CFO Consulting in 2007. Since that time, she has provided CFO support and strategic financial planning services to numerous small to midsize start-ups. In 2016, Michelle received the Greater Washington Society CPA’s “Woman to Watch” award, in part for the role she has played in the development and growth of the Washington, DC area’s vibrant technology community. Co-founder Debra Hoopes was previously co-founder of CFO Link LLC and has extensive experience as both an internal and external CFO with both public and private companies. Their combined five decades of experience in finance, deep knowledge of financial technology solutions, and strong relationships in the technology community gives area companies an unparalleled business partner to help build and grow their business.

Hoffman and Hoopes are joined by CFO Ron Kaiser, who will serve as a principal. Kaiser has served as CFO during six Initial Public Offerings which raised over $400 million on initial valuations totalling more than $1.7 billion. He has also served as an executive officer or director during the development of 15 companies, 11 of which sold for a combined $2.5 billion.

“H2 CFO is more than a consulting firm – we’re technology enthusiasts with a mission to grow great companies,” said Hoffman. “Unlike other CFO consultants, we engage with CEOs as a strategic partner, guiding companies seamlessly through the set-up, automation and integration of business software tools; training and support; financial modelling, forecasting and decision support; strategic planning; fundraising; and mergers and acquisitions.”

The need for outsourced CFO and accounting services is growing as companies seek to exploit new business opportunities in an increasingly competitive marketplace. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are more than 4.5 million businesses with less than $50 million in annual revenues[i], many of which do not have an in-house CFO or sufficiently skilled accounting staff.

“Growing companies that view financial planning and business intelligence as strategic functions are better able to identify and leverage new opportunities with the speed and agility that allows them dominate their markets,” said co-founder Hoopes. “H2 CFO offers the perfect combination of powerful technology solutions and the human touch that emerging companies need as they build a strong foundation for growth.”

For more information about H2 CFO, or to inquire about our services, please visit: or follow us on Twitter @H2_CFO

H2 CFO is a woman-owned, outsourced accounting firm providing strategic CFO support, total management of operational accounting, and financial reporting. Offering best-in-class consultants and powerful software customized to clients’ individual needs, H2 CFO helps grow great companies by providing scalable, right-sized services.


Hoffman CFOs Weigh in on DC Area Panels

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Hoffman CFO Sponsors MAVA’s TechBUZZ Summer 2015

Hoffman CFO Consulting is a proud sponsor of the Mid Atlantic Venture Association’s June 16, 2015 TechBUZZ.  #TechBUZZ2015 is the DC area’s premier event where early-stage entrepreneurs and active investors come together to see the best and brightest, to connect with one another, and to celebrate the strength of the startup scene in #DCTECH.

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Press Release: Tech Execs Merge to Create CFO Consulting Powerhouse

Hoffman CFO Consulting, CEO Michelle Hoffman and business growth and IPO expert
Ron Kaiser merge to create consulting powerhouse in the nation’s capital.

Washington, D.C.: Hoffman CFO Consulting proudly announces its new principal Ron Kaiser. Adding Kaiser brings together his 35 years of experience in public and private finance, accounting, and operations management, including serving as CFO, CEO, and Board Director, with the momentum of Hoffman CFO Consulting, an emerging player in financial leadership in the Washington, DC region. Known for their respective expertise with emerging and established technology companies, Hoffman and Kaiser also bring years of e-commerce, manufacturing, and government contracting experience to the combined venture.

“I am delighted to add Ron to our team” noted Michelle Hoffman, CEO and founder of Hoffman CFO Consulting. “His extensive experience and proven financial, business growth, and leadership expertise will contribute significantly to the success of our clients’ businesses as they navigate today’s complex markets.”

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Ron Kaiser: A CFO Legend

Today, The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) holds its annual CFO Awards.  The event recognizes CFOs for outstanding achievement and excellence in promoting the Greater Washington Region’s technology community.  Receiving the Hall of Fame Award, in recognition of a lifetime of achievements and contributions to the technology business community, is Ron Kaiser. Read more

DC Ops Meet Up: Mo Money Mo Problems

Join the inaugural event!  Michelle is a DCTECH native with extensive experience directly managing the finances of some the areas most successful SMBs. Her keynote will outline some of the more common financial missteps that small businesses take that can hurt their ability to scale or become points of failure when they do.

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Money, Money, Money – From Projections to Funding

Join Hoffman CFO Consulting on July 16th at DC Lean Start Up for a live “accounting playback” demo with a business owner, coaching them through telling their business story and playing it back as a financial model.

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What is a CFO?

What is a CFO?  What does a CFO do?  

These are questions CEOs, COOs and business owners ask me all the time.  Recently, a COO I worked with left his company and became COO at another company.  He wasn’t extremely happy with the CFO at the new company.  He told me, “I get a lot of data and no analysis…and there is no one to tell us we are doing a good job.”  That’s when it hit me.  At the simplest level, that is what CFO does…tells you if you are doing a good job!  The CEOs, and owners are the chief story tellers, the ones with a vision.  Their main job is to tell the story of the business; over and over, to everyone, all the time.  If the business is large enough to have a COO, well, he helps run with the vision.  He puts all the parts in place to make the machine go.  And then, there is the CFO.  The CFO helps tell the story of the business, measures progress against the vision AND THEN TELLS YOU WHEN YOU ARE DOING A GOOD JOB.   Read more

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