The QuickBooks Conundrum: A Love-Hate Relationship

The QuickBooks Conundrum: A Love-Hate Relationship; is the subject of my guest post for Tech Cocktail, in it I discuss the pros and cons of QuickBooks and the essentials small businesses need to succeed.

Clients often ask us to check out new “accounting” products they want to use, but most we review, while having cool features and functions, are sales centric and typically don’t have a full general ledger. Without a full general ledger, it’s difficult to track and report on the financial results of your operations. If you are a startup looking to grow, it’s going to be important to generate and share with banks or investors financial information in the form of what is most commonly know as a Profit & Loss (What you made less what you spent) and a Balance Sheet (a snapshot picture of your assets, liabilities and company’s equity).

A good QuickBooks consultant can help you configure QuickBooks in a way that properly captures the transactions of a technology or ecommerce company.

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